Resume + Testimonials


Aaron Parnes, Owner at Razor Clicks

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Sam on a recent writing project. This involved in-depth content on an unfamiliar topic, and Sam managed to research the matter and deliver the first draft in advance of the short deadline. Revisions, when necessary, were done quickly and without a fuss. I will definitely be using Sam again for my next writing project.”

Aaron Fennell, Quality, Training, and Process Manager at We Do Web Content

“I just finished editing a Sam Mire blog—a breath of fresh air with its organization, perfect grammar, included resources, links, and engaging content. He is also very attentive to client preferences!” 

Brett Stapper, CEO of Front Lines Media:

“Sam has been an integral part of our team for nearly two years, and in that time he’s brought consistency to our leadership team, as well as an unrivaled sense of humor to our daily conference calls. He’s served as writer, editor, and contact point for the tech professionals who we feature on our site, Disruptor Daily. Under his tenure, the site has increased traffic and content output, results to which Sam has contributed no small part.”

Nigel Lokaisingh, Senior Community Manager for Shazzu, Inc.

“As a contributing writer to Trigtent, Sam pitched and delivered stories covering both domestic and foreign news as well as geopolitical strategy. His pitches were often off the beaten path, and went into depth that reflected deep research and understanding of the subject. I came to regard Sam as a reliable writer whose dedication shined through the quality of his articles (whether I agreed with his ultimate assessments or not) and I came to rely on Sam to crank out much-needed articles in a pinch. I continue to follow his work.”

Daniel Musiitwa, Communications Lead, HR at World Bank Group

“Excellent writer – great communication, quick turn-around. Plan to use again.”

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