I am…

Sam Mire. Nice to meet. (quick note: will work from quarantine if need be)

I’m a full-time, professional writer for hire going on seven years who has written for:

  • PR agencies
  • Law firms
  • Media companies
  • Newspapers
  • Business journals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sports sites
  • News outlets

I am a specialist-for-hire who can adapt the tone and structure of a piece to fit the outlet, topic, and client’s preferences. I am a journalist by education but, like many freelancers, understand the value of being adaptable and well-seasoned in various writing styles and formats without compromising the soul of what makes my writing pop.

I have substantial experience writing (note hyperlinks to specific pieces):

Note: for contractual reasons, I cannot disclose samples for every work or form of work that I have completed, but will provide greater detail of work experience upon request.

I do not compromise on quality or client satisfaction and am available at your convenience (within reason) via email, phone, text, Skype, carrier pigeon, or any means that you prefer.

Please email me at sammire92@gmail.com for more information. 

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